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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ryan Lied, Boehner nearly cried, and Eastwood loses it: The 2012 RNC my take

The RNC is mercifully over with Mitt Romney accepting his hard fought nomination over tough contenders like Herman Cain and Rick Perry and...who the fuck am I kidding Mitt was the least worst of all the candidates, and that's saying something.

The Convention itself was filled with numerous WTF moments, like the ironic "We built it." theme that took place in a stadium built with 62% of public funds. To Ann Romney talking about love in an odd attempt to humanize her husband, as well as screaming out much the Romney's loved women. To Chris Christies's disappointing  speech that changed the theme of love to respect and the fact that he really wanted to set himself up for 2016. Of course there was also the fact that Mitt Romney himself, was hardly even mentioned during the entire thing, oh and we can't forget about Clint Eastwood yelling at a chair.

That's not all.

The Santorum speech was extremely odd, with a strange, and slightly disturbing emphasis on hands; but probably the strangest thing that I can think that happened was that Fox news, actually called out Paul Ryan for his lies during his speech. Sally Kohn called the Ryan speech an "Attempt to the set the world record for blatant lies." 

What kind of bizzaro world did I wake up in this week?

One thing I kinda figured would happen, was the near absolute lack of mention for our last Republican president and the Dark Lord of the Sith Dick Cheney. The only mention of former President G.W.Bush was from his brother Jeb, who in a not so shocking but equally wtf moment stood up for his brother by telling the crowd about how his brother kept us safe. Didn't he get the memo about the whole 9/11 thing?

One surprise I did have was the fact that Romney didn't even mention the war in Afghanistan.

I suppose I shouldn't have been too surprised, this fits in with the Republican strategy of "Lets not talk about our candidate (or our records)  but instead trash yours." narrative that the Romney campaign and the party as a whole have taken. I think in that respect they've certainly achieved their objective. Especially since Clint Eastwood is being talked about more than Romney is.

Then again who isn't entertained by the Eastwooding hashtag?

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  1. Now THAT'S a goddamn blog post! Keep it up, good sir!