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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rafalca Rides on!

So the title is a little deceptive, this post will not actually be about Rafalca, Romney's $77,000 Olympic dressage horse, I just liked the title. No, today will be about one of my favorite topics. Money in politics.

But first, I just wanted to touch on a story I found on Twitter. Thinkprogress posted a story today about a Louisiana school that can force female students to take a pregnancy test if they have reason to believe that the student might be pregnant. If the test is positive or the student refuses they are immediately thrown out of school. This makes absolutely no sense.
First Louisiana has one of the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the United States. That little factoid is probably due to the insistence of abstinence only sex education in schools, such as this one. The argument I want to make here is about not throwing these soon to be mothers out. As we all know education is one of the biggest factors that determines income, standard of living and overall success, by denying this right to education, conservatives are guaranteeing that one bad mistake as a teen will effectively destroy their lives and ironically either force the teen into an abortion or onto welfare and food stamps, WIC and other government "entitlement" programs that conservatives hate!
Then there is the awful double standard here. While the girls get punished by expulsion the guys who stuck it in are literally getting off scot free. It takes two to make a baby unlike what many evangelicals believe virgin births do not happen. So I tell you what, if this school can force pregnancy tests, they should also be forced to do paternity tests, and if the father also attends that school, he should be expelled, and forced into military school. That will straighten his ass up, give him the discipline and the responsibility to take care of the baby he helped create.
I suppose though the best course of action here is to stop the problem at the root. And that involves education, real sex education, or hell, just force all the kids to watch Teen Mom.

If you want to read the article about this just follow the link to

On to money in politics. We all keep hearing about how Romney continues to out raise Obama, it's not really all that surprising seeing how much money a few individual eccentric billionaires are pumping into this race. It's only August, we still have quite a ways to go until November and already the money that has spent could've helped create so many jobs, or fixed roads and bridges. Instead we get deluged in attacks ads that only serve to confuse the uninformed voter. I suppose that is the point.
So with so few billionaires spending so much money (most of them happen to be backing Mitt Romney) that pretty much says that this election could go very badly for President Obama. 94% of the time the candidate with the most money wins the election. Now the President has a couple advantages, first he's an incumbent, and usually the incumbent wins. Second Mitt Romney is a terrible campaigner, you know "corporations are people my friends" that didn't exactly sit well with the voters. Not to mention the stupid laugh when he's nervous, or the fact that he will not release his tax returns. Sure, Romney does have the anyone but Obama crowd, which is considerable, and Romney has the Fox news backing, as well as the money. It's gonna be close. The money is the biggest factor here, without the media powerhouse that is Fox news Romneys' talking points would not be drummed into peoples heads. Also the anti-Obama hatred, yes hatred, would not be so prevalent. There is so much money that is spent to call the President things like socialist, communist, nazi, dictator etc. Now these are of course not true, but if you repeat a lie often enough people will start to believe it, and many have, and those with the most money can buy the most airtime to spread those lies. It's going to be an interesting fall.

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