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Friday, August 10, 2012


We'll see if it's true when Mitt officially picks his VP tomorrow at 9am. I of course will be asleep, because it's Saturday and I'm lazy. There is a lot of speculation that it is going to be Paul Ryan. Let me tell you how much of a disaster this would be. We'll start with the extremely unpopular Ryan budget that turns medicare into a coupon, that doesn't change in value even if prices go up, causing seniors to pay more out of their social security checks that he also wants to take away. Guess grandma is SOL if these two get in office. The plan also cuts taxes on...*drumroll* the rich, wow who didn't see that one coming? It's also a budget buster, exploding the debt and deficit while causing massive cuts to be made into food stamps and other social programs. All to give massive tax cuts to people like him and Mitt Romney. No wonder he wants to choose Ryan.

These two have more baggage together than a Kardashian on vacation. One of them would have to ride on the roof of their campaign bus with all the baggage stuffed inside. Let's call this VP pick for what it is. A distraction, plain and simple. Mitt is supposedly picking a young Tea Party "Young Guns" let's go get that government and take away your food stamps distraction. So many Tea Party people and Fox News pundits have a weird conservative man crush on Paul Ryan and they can't wait to gush at all hours over him on the Sunday shows and beyond. What topic will get left behind? The tax returns, bravo Mitt, you might actually deflect from the tax return controversy but I think you're getting out of the frying pan and into the fire if this is your choice. Hey no problem with me, hell if it's true I'll be opening a bottle of my best (cheapest) champagne.

Still if it's true I wonder how the voters are going to see this selection of someone who wants to kill grandmas medicare benefits? The Fox spin machine will be in full swing I think. Romney has been getting his ass kicked in the polls lately and if this is his idea of getting a boost I'm not sure its going to help. In most polls Obama is up by 7%. We'll just have to see.

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