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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Romneys' are people my friend.

All right, now this should be a fun post. Mitt Romney, presumptive nominee and candidate will not be releasing his desperately coveted tax returns. Why? Because according to an interview in Bloomberg Business week Romney stated that he will not release more than two years because "I am not a business." Wow, really? I know that sometimes Romney blurs the line between actual humans and corporations in his own view but I never actually thought he considered the public dumb enough to confuse the two. Then again anyone stupid enough to agree that corporations are people too need this type of clarification, and perhaps a helmet, and not for the eventual "trickle-down." It troubles me that Mitt will not even continue the proud tradition of transparency started by his own father during his run. So this really begs the question of why, what is he hiding? Amnesty? A super low tax rate? The only one who knows is probably right now chuckling uncomfortably somewhere on a campaign bus.
Now our friends on the right are actually asking for college records, what do college records have to do with anything? Wanting to see tax records on the other hand actually makes sense because taxes are a civic duty. College not so much. Not only are taxes important because they are required but because of the rates, if Romney paid lower rates than people making $30-60,000 a year it's going to piss off a lot of people who may otherwise vote for him. Even worse if he got amnesty for hiding his money, that just looks bad, greedy, and tasteless. Something the billionaires bankrolling him can identify with but not regular people, even the Fox washing machine can't spin cycle this one in to his favor.
Speaking of failing to spin something, there was a Romney spokeswoman who may have just screwed his campaign until the media forgets about it in two days. Nonetheless it's an awesome screw up, because this spokeswoman named Andrea Saul, actually told the truth about Romneycare. Oh the humanity! This was in response to an Obama ad that followed the story of a former GST steel worker who lost his wife to cancer after they lost their job and healthcare due to a Bain capital buyout. Saul had said during an interview, “To that point, if people had been in Massachusetts, under Governor Romney’s health-care plan, they would have had health care.” Yes, the same healthcare Obama is putting into place. This made conservative heads explode. Like Obi-Wan feeling the voices of millions of people cry out in "OMG she didn't just tout Romneycare." agony. It was a magic moment. We'll see how much damage the Obama team can do with this one, Romney is the gift that keeps on giving, from dancing horses, to corporations are people my friend, to not knowing what a doughnut is, Mitt is like a one man show. Who knows if he loses he can have his own reality show, couldn't be worse than the Kardashians.

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