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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why Mitt Romney wants to cut PBS to give tax cuts for the rich.

In the debates Wednesday night Mitt Romney clearly stated how much he loves big bird, and Jim Lehrer by channeling Donald Trump. 

"You're fired" would be the best way to describe Romney's plan to cut subsidies to PBS. 

Under his tax plan, Romney would cut subsidies to PBS as well other government programs. He says these programs will get cut if they don't meet the simple metric of "If it's so important that we borrow money from China to pay for it." 

Then I guess what Romney feels is so important to him that we'll to borrow money from China, is more tax cuts. 

For the rich.

His plan according to the Tax Policy Center would cut 20% of taxes across the board. But despite the claims that his cuts would be revenue neutral, the facts are, that it's just mathematically impossible. 

Mitts math teacher must be rolling in their grave. 

Also despite Romney's claims that he will not lower taxes on the wealthy, his plan would in fact to just that, reduce taxes by $251 Billion a year in households making over $200,000 a year.

Ironically that's who he thinks is the middle class.

Here's a quote from the tax policy centers study: 

"Our major conclusion is that any revenue-neutral individual income tax change that incorporates the features Governor Romney has proposed would provide large tax cuts to high-income households, and increase the tax burdens on middle- and/or lower-income taxpayers.” 

“Cutting individual income tax rates by 20 percent from today’s levels would reduce tax burdens by $251 billion per year (in 2015) among households with income above $200,000.”  “to achieve revenue neutrality, the resulting $86 billion annual shortfall must be made up by raising taxes on the rest of the population.”  

-Tax Policy Center

So he's gonna fire Big Bird, in order to give more money to the rich.

How disgusting is this guy?

Oscar already lives in a trash can, Sounds like PBS doesn't get that much as it is.

In fact, the annual subsidy is 1/100th of 1 percent of the Federal Budget, or about $1.35 a person.

Some notable stars from PBS have put out statements, such as Astronomer Neil Degrasse Tyson who tweeted: "Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget is like deleting text files to make room on your 500Gig hard drive"

and even former Reading Rainbow host and actor on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Levar Burton got in the fray. In an interview with Soledad O'Brien he said in relation to Romney's proposed cuts to PBS "I took it as an attack on children, Soledad,” “It is an attack on children who come from disenfranchised, you know, background.”

I grew up with PBS, Big Bird, and Reading Rainbow. Those shows were about learning, but it seems like Romney and the Republicans are not interested in kids learning anymore, if it means not being able to give a tax cut to the already very wealthy at least.

You can even relate the attack on PBS and NPR with the attacks on science, and learning, public schools and teachers. 

I think the Republicans do not want kids to learn, knowledge is dangerous to their agenda. Critical thinking is dangerous to their agenda, scientific facts are dangerous to their agenda because their plans simply don't work. They don't work for the middle class, they don't work for the poor, and in the end they won't work out for anyone, even corporations will suffer when there are no longer enough educated people in the workforce. 

But by then it will be too late if we allow the Republicans to succeed. The war on science has to stop, the war on facts has to stop. 

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