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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To Fox News: Quit Whining!

The debates are now over.

Both candidates are now out making the last push to get the last undecided voters and make sure their bases are energized and are going to turn out. Voter registration for Democrats is outpacing Republican registration in certain states and with the Obama/Biden team having won three out of four debates it's looking good for the Presidents reelection bid.

Unless you watch Fox news.

In their world Mitt Romney held his own against an aggressive, factually challenged bully who, in the words of Fox News talking head Charles Krauthammer "went very, very small – shockingly small". In their world snap polls are socialist plots meant to mislead "true Americans" (old white people) and in their world moderators and the media are all in the pocket of the evil democrat machine who's intent is to lead our great nation down the path of marxist communism by making you buy your own health insurance.

This rabbit hole goes deep.

Despite the fact that the president and vice president have repeatedly caught Romney/Ryan lying their collective pants off during those debates, and the fact checkers have repeatedly debunked almost everything that came out of Romneys' mouth, Fox news has the audacity to at the very least call these debates a draw.

A draw!

But clowns like Krauthammer repeatedly damn the facts  even though a Fox news poll of their audience has shown President Obama to be the winner of the last debate by a comfortable margin.
But if Romney won the debates, as Fox news claims, what with all the whining?

When Candy Crowley fact checked Romney on his Libya lie, conservatives went nuts, with Fox and Friends saying that Crowley was wrong to fact check Romney mid debate. Sure, Fox wants people to fact check after the debate when it doesn't matter. It's not just that, but Fox news has shown time and time again that facts don't matter, even things that have been debunked previously seem to be coming back. It's kinda like an episode of the walking dead.

The fact of the matter is, that Romney is a terrible candidate. He's a real life caricature of Thurston Howell the third, or the monopoly man. And during a time of massive inequality, families hurting, unemployment still high and massive debt (thank Dubya for those!) and huge Wall Street and corporate profits while wages stagnate. The public does not want a guy who not only represents Wall Street, but argues that corporations are people, who are taxed too much, and that the poor are the problem. So when our President calls him out on these things, Fox has no way to defend Romney but to lie, and cry about moderators.

I think it's time for Fox to move on, you've lost, quit whining.

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