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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cenk Uygur tells Romney to attack from the left

Occasionally on Current TV's The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur, the swarthy Turk host will give some advice to Mitt Romney in a segment known as "If I was Mitt Romney."

Last night Cenk gave Romney a little bit of that advice for the upcoming debates. Instead of trying to land some terrible zingers (Obamaloney anyone?)  He should hit Obama on policy, from the left.


Actually it's sage advice, much to the chagrin of Cenk's friend and Epic Politics Man, Micheal Shure. Here's the thing, if Romney was a savvy debater, he could actually pull it off, the numbers are strangely on his side if he uses this line of attack.

But the problem with Republicans is that they still think America is a center right country. Here's a clip from Paul Ryan:

Unfortunately (for him) the facts do not back Ryan up.

These polls show that Americans are actually quite progressive in their values. Also the BS that Ryan spews about 30% of Americans not wanting the American dream is crap. We all want the American dream, but it's been taken from us by people like Paul Ryan, who have used the system themselves but seek to close the door of opportunity behind them.

But back to Cenk.

His advice was to hit Obama on the massive income inequality since the recovery. Stating facts that 93% of the gains from the "recovery" went to the top 1% under President Obamas watch. As well as how the median income for middle class households fell 8% since before the recession in 2007.

All of those facts would leave Obama between a rock and a hard place, as well the question of, if trickle down doesn't work, then why did President Obama continue the Bush Tax cuts? Some people will cite the fact that Obama did so because the Republicans were holding Unemployment benefits hostage, which was true. But I've spoken to many progressives who would rather have had investment in jobs, and not jobless benefits that eventually run out.

Cenk finally concluded that Romney will not take his advice anyway, but if he did, he could pull off a debate win.

I agree.

Romney is already known to be a serial flip-flopper on the campaign trail, so if he were to adopt progressive stances during the debates I personally wouldn't be surprised. Candidates on the right have a history of using populist rhetoric to gain votes in the general election. Remember George W. Bush calling for compassionate conservatism? Even calling for a direct stimulus to each taxpayer in the form of a check.

Paul Ryan even cast himself as the savior of Medicare while attacking President Obama for "cutting $716 Billion from the extremely popular program." The exact same amount Ryan would cut in his plan.

So while it's great advice, it's not something that Romney is actually going to do, he will keep on tacking the right until he falls off a cliff.

Oh right, he already did.

If I could quote Mr Uygur, I think he would probably say: "Of Coooouuuuuuurse!"

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