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Friday, July 6, 2012

Back to work

All right. It's been a nice Independence Day holiday, but now it's back to work. Now that "Obamacare" has been upheld the nation is actually finding out what is actually in it. Finally the president is selling the good parts of the bill. Now I still think it's a giveaway to the health insurance industry, but is it pretty decent. Yeah. Do I want single payer? Hell yes, but I'll take what I can get.

Still I am quite disheartened by Florida Gov. Rick Scotts refusal to take federal money to expand Medicare, Really Rick, are you that dumb? Take the money and actually help your constituents! You know for a guy who has defrauded medicare he sure is shy about taking legitimate money, oh the irony.

So enough about the ACA, and on to well something else. As a Michigander it was fun to hear about Thaddeus Mccotter resigning from the house. Especially given how weird this guy was. According to the Huffingpost Mccotter had this write in campaign that was quite fraudulent. I find it hilarious that the GOP screams about fraud and somehow are usually the ones that are found doing the fraud. The shit we have going on in my state is absolutely crazy. Legislatures banned for using the word Vagina, like it's a curse word, and not to mention Rachel Maddows excellent coverage a few weeks ago about how the republican controlled congress in MI has been illegally doing immediate effect votes to enact legislation without having 73 members call for it as the republicans do not have that large of a majority. It's sad seeing my state sink so low.

I wanted to touch on some campaign news but I will get into it on my next post, as I think it's going to be quite long.

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