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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mandate Madness

If you lived under a rock you would be one of the few people who would not be aware that the controversial healthcare bill dubbed "Obamacare" will be decided tomorrow. The right wing heritage foundation hatched plan ripped from Mitt Romney (who, like a teenager when caught with a porno by his dad) Has consistently ran away from the national version of his Massachusetts plan dubbed "Romneycare" while screaming "It's not mine, honest!" Bitch please.

The fate of this plan is now in the supreme koch (jeez I did it again) I mean, court. Now there is a good chance this thing could get struck down, at least in part. They could keep parts of it and get rid of the mandate, which in my opinion would be acceptable. Or they could scrap it all together. All in all the law is actually much better than what we have. Which in my case is nothing, I am uninsured and lucky enough to be healthy, but health doesn't always last. When I look at those arguing against healthcare reform of any kind, you see a lot of smug healthy 20-30 somethings who are consistently spouting the word socialism at you (as well as covering you with spittle) and telling me that health care is not a right. You've read this right, health care, the ability to live your live healthily, is not a right. This boggles my fucking mind. Maybe I'm missing something here but the way I see is that you get the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You can't live if you die from sickness, you can't be free if you're a slave to medical bills that you can't pay because you happened to get sick or injured. Lastly you can't be happy if you're ill and can't see a doctor because you only had enough money to pay the rent. What am I missing?

I get pretty fired up when I hear the word socialism like it's the end of the world. We have things in the country that you could only get from socialism. Like roads and bridges, and schools. Unlike the wealthy most of us went to public schools, which gave us a basic education that allowed us to learn the basic skills we needed to either go to college, start a business, or jump into the workforce as a laborer. You will not see a private company build a road, unless it had a toll booth. Simply because companies are there to make profit. That's great, I love capitalism. Profit is a good thing, hard days work for a days pay. Socialism is also good too, when paired with capitalism. I am a big believer in balance, you can't have pure capitalism because you concentrate too much wealth at the top and the bottom falls out. Not to mention you would end up with corporate rule, wage slavery, etc. Pure socialism doesn't work either, because it could lead to authoritarianism. We need balance, we are too much on the corporatist side of the fence, workers rights are being eroded, corporations are making massive profits at the expense of wages for everyone, our government is bought by those with money who have skewed the rules in favor of the most wealthy and most powerful. It has to stop!

I seem to have went on a tangent there, back to the ACA. There are really good things in the ACA, like coverage for preexisting conditions, not kicking someone off their plan if they get sick, and keeping kids on their insurance until they're 26. Those are just a couple of the good things in this plan, I urge everyone to actually look into the plan before you make a judgment and cheer the death of a bill that actually might help you.

By the way, if they strike down the law, It is my hope that we get a single payer healthcare law, that is actually what I really want, get those insurance companies out!

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