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Monday, December 31, 2012

Farm Bill, Food stamps, and YouTube.

Even though 99% of the media is hung up on the fiscal cliff, I want to cover a topic that is close to me. It's about food stamps, which is a part of the farm bill.

Back in October I made a video about it and uploaded it to TYTnation. 

It's my hope to educate people about the realities of food stamps, how it's barely enough to get by, and how congress will hurt families (especially children) if it calls for more food stamp cuts while corporations make obscene profits and pay little taxes. 

I know as well that most of congress will never take this challenge, and that will hopefully show how much of a disconnect they have with the American people, who are struggling every day to recover.

I've wrote before about how the wealthy have made 93% of the gains in the recovery, and how the middle class and the poor were hit hardest by the recession and have lost ground in the recovery. 

It's not about being dependent, it's about having the rug taken out from under you and at least being able to feed your kids. Not only that but most people on food stamps work for a living and still fall below the poverty line, it's not right. 

Anyway, please like and share this video, and subscribe to my channel as more videos will be coming in the new year. 

Until then, have a safe, happy, awesome New Year!

Here is a link to my petition, lets get it rolling!


  1. Please post the link in a place where it can be copied and pasted. The graphics are shown for a short time and it's difficult to copy the link with a pencil, which I did but the server could not find the link so this method is not going to get many signatures on your petition. Brenda Schouten-Beckett

  2. Done, the petition link is now in the video description, I will also post it here.

    Thanks for reading and watching!